Website design and development

Imagine you’re the visitor

Today a website is the first thing a potential customer sees of your business and your brand — it needs to tell your story. Websites need to be relevant and targeted, easy to use, search engine friendly, and versatile enough to operate in multi-query organic search.

We build custom websites with a look and feel that’s representative of your business. They meet visitor goals of usability and findability, while creating better online communication and market position for your company and your brand. In short, they work 24/7 and pass the three second rule of engagement.

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  • Website design and development
  • XHTML / Cascading style sheets (css)
  • Search engine optimization (seo)
  • Keyword development
  • Marketing solutions
  • Search engine marketing (sem) / Pay-per-click
  • Landing page design
  • HTML email / Newsletters and blasts
  • List development / Lead generation
  • Photography
  • Studio / Location
  • View photography portfolio

The challenge of keeping it all connected…
Social media, email newsletters and website updates can be all connected — we offer regular maintenance plans and retainer-based agreements to keep your online presence fresh, updated and relevant.

Website design, development and search engine optimization
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